Mogal Goenkar Bhoinino ani Bhavano,

Goan Association Germany e.V.(GAG) was formally founded on the 31st October 2003, based in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Our objektive is to cater to the socio-cultural needs of the Goans in Germany. You can find more details about our aims, objektives and how to get involved in the ABOUT US section.

GAG e.V. undertakes every year various cultural & social activities for the members, their families and friends. In the past GAG e.V, with the support of the Konkani Dramatic Association (KDA) in London presented 3 very well attended ‚Konkani Tiatr‘. Annual picnic is organized for the members exclusively. Goa Nite Ball/Get-Together with lots of prizes, good fun, lovely music and of course festache jevon. Christmas Party/Get-Together with Santa Claus, loads of prizes etc, etc. On the 5th May 2012 the feast of Blessed Padrè Josè Vaz was celebrated for the first time. All upcoming and past events are listed in the EVENTS section. Reports of our functions are located in the REPORTS section. The photographs taken during the functions can be found in the PHOTO GALLERY section. Some videos are also available which are located in the VIDEOS section.

We thank, the interim committee, all elected past and current committee members and their families, well wishers and all who have supported us in one way or another, ensuring the smooth running of this association. But, we need more help, ideas, sharing your talents with us, etc. This is your association, so get involved, we need your help to sustain the legacy of our goan language, heritage and culture for future generation of goans.

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Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Tuesday, May 30, 2017, 09:07 AM

KONKANI MUNNEO (Konkani Sayings)

" Faleam mortolo mhunn aizuch fonddatt poddchem re? "

Literal Meaning: Just because one will die tomorrow, should you fall into the grave today itself?

Context Of Usage: Do not anticipate bad things too much. Meet danger when it comes.


Goa Time

The GAG e.V. wishes you all a
Happy Easter

Next Upcoming Event

Feast of St. Joseph Vaz


Mainzer Landstraße 787,
65934 Frankfurt am Main

Date and Time

27th May 2017
Holy Mass at 11:00 hours
Get-Together thereafter

What's Updated:

Photos of the Christmas Get-Together from 26th November 2016, Check the
Section. A Report of the Christmas Get-Together can be read in the